[gardeners] Calla lillies

Ron Hay (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 05 Oct 1999 07:54:38 -0700

Good morning, my friends. It's a cool and hazy morning in Los Angeles.
Some aspects of the garden are winding down (tomatoes, zukes), others
are just gearing up (passion fruit, limes, persimmons, geraniums of all
sorts, calla lillies and bearded irises.

When we bought our home two years ago, it came replete with a front
planter filled with callas. Last year, they sorta did their thing, and
died back in the hot weather and bloomed starting in February.

This year, during their summer dormant season, I fed them with Miracle
Gro for the first time. The lillies have responded as if they were a
set-up for a commercial. They are intensely dark green and about 1/3
taller than they were at the same time last year. That also means they
will be quite crowded. Does anyone have advice as to when is the best
time to thin them? Should I have done it during the summer dormant
season, or may I do it now?

Speaking of lillies. One of our dear friends gave us a Madonna Lily
which she purchased for Pesach. Since she lives in a high rise, she gave
it to us to plant. We dutifully planted the poor bedraggled baby,
expecting it to croak. NOT! It sprouted in July, grew during August and
September, like topsy, and now, to the delight of the humming birds, has
produced three magnificent blooms! I wonder if we can call it a "St.
Francis Lily," since it bloomed on his feast day:)

Happy gardening,

Van Nuys, CA