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Penny Nielsen (
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 12:12:22 -0300

Hi Ron

Not Penny from NY but from NS (Nova Scotia).

Just had to comment on your Marigold.  I have never heard of one so tall.  You should take a pic and post it on a site.  Do you know what kind it is.  How long has it been growing?  Biggest I've grown are the African ones and they are only 2 ft.+ tall perhaps.

Your plants sound great.  Re your neighbour - wonder whether you could start chatting with her and then come spring offer her some transplants and maybe some help to dig a garden.  Just a thought.  Have noticed on our street that since a few of us are into gardening, others are starting to join in - not to the extent that we do, but every little thing helps.  One of my neighbours just started by perennials this year.

Penny in Halifax where we'd appreciate you're blowing a little of that warm air  out east

>>> Ron Hay <> 10/13/99 06:54PM >>>
Hello, Penny,

How nice to hear from you. It's been a while since you posted anything
to the list.

Yes, Vivian and I are really lucky. We have no predators to speak of
(aside from *&^%$ slugs and snails!), our climate is benign, and our
soil is some of the best (formerly) agricultural land in Southern

I am working at home, today, largely because it is so amazingly hot and
dry out....about 105  with 20% humidity, or somewhere around
skin can attest to it.

Every time I look out at my back yard, recently, I am amazed at the
MARIGOLD by our block wall: it is now up to my nose (I am 6' tall), and
covered with blossoms. I have no idea what kind it is, but I fully
intend to collect every seed from that giant. The color contrast between
it and the royal purple Mexican sage is startling beautiful. The
hummingbirds seem to like it too, especially the sage (not to mention
the scarlet blossoms of the abutilon).

Our callas are getting ready for round 2 in February, having been
dormant most of the warm months. It is amazing what Miracle Gro has done
for our yard! I have nevre seen the lillies...among others!...such a
vibrant green. And the fuchsicas! Vivian took some cuttings in Febrary,
soaked them in water for a couple of days, then dunked them in Rootone.
She planted them in a clump, back by the super marigold, and the result
is a bush full of blooms of the two sorts we took cuttings from, which
is about 3' tall and growing.

The philodendron monstera deliciosa in the front yard is about to bloom.
It is quite a sight to see those 2' flower spikes, which look for all
the world like an outsized Jack-In-The-Pulpit, nestled in among 4'
serrated leaves. We have to keep the air roots off the brickwork, so
that they don't pry the bricks loose!

Yes, it is work to keep it looking good, but the rewards are
incalculable. Now if we could only pursuade our neighbor to maintain her
yard in some decent fashion, we would be a good deal happier :( But we
certainly enjoy our small plot of ground and the rewards that we reap
from it.

Happy gardening!

Van Nuys, CA