Re: [gardeners] Re: Harvesting herbs

margaret lauterbach (
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 07:51:20 -0600

>    Ever tried it without the parmesan? Like salt added in cooking, much
>of this seems simply to disappear, so you might find you get a lot more
>flavor for the same amount of cheese - or the same for considerably less,
>& as you're no doubt aware dry cheese is pretty intense stuff - by simply
>adding it at the table.
>   Amen to the walnuts, though. IMHO pine nuts are something nobody would
>ever eat unless they were too poor or deprived (e.g. Italian peasants, SW
>Native Americans) to get anything better.
Pinyon nuts grow on you. They can become addictive. I remember eating them
as a child, having to break off shells with your teeth and tongue. The
shelled nuts are something else. I recall Costco sold them for $3 a pound a
few years ago. Label examination revealed they were from China.  I think
there was an "ahem" moment, because the next hulled pinyons I saw were from
the U.S. and were about $15 for a small bag. Walnuts are a great substitute
in pesto. Margaret L