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Allen and Judy Merten (
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 13:04:24 -0500

Hi All,
    Just had to throw this in. My sister-in-law, envies Judy, her sister. Says her sister got the best legs, too. For SIL reduction would be a dirty word.{;-)
    The surgery is a relief for those who need it. Had a friend back home that had it done. Changed her life for the better. Aches and pains that she had suffered with since her
teens went away. She told me once that she felt like she had been reincarnated. Emotionally it was a relief for her also. She was only 4"11". You can imagine how cruel some teens
can be.

Penny Nielsen wrote:

> Yep, you are George.  I suppose that would be in $US though.  Wonder what it costs down there.   Besides the physical problems, definitely agree with the better looking profile.
> Penny, whose 2 sisters are just right
> >>> George Shirley <> 10/19/99 07:05PM >>>
>  wrote:
> >
> If you're talking about the same surgery I think you are you can
> probably get it done next week in the lower 48, particularly if you're
> willing to pay for it. Daughter-in-law had it done several years ago and
> says she feels much better all the time now plus no back pain, no
> grooves in shoulders and a, to her and us, better looking profile.
> George