Re: [gardeners] The Perils of Pauline (Penny?)

penny x stamm (
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 04:26:04 -0400

Hi, Ron -- gee, Jimmie and I could never just sit back and enjoy 
our garden -- we're constitutionally unfit for leisure. Even if Santa
dropped a big sack of silver dollars down the chimney in a few
weeks,  Jim would still say that he won't spend the money for a
plastic arm cast guard so he could take a shower -- he'd rather
struggle (naturally, naturally, with my aid) with standing in the 
bathtub while i spray him with water, then he soaps himself up 
and down (maybe EYE should do that..?), and I rinse him and 
towel him dry. The definition of the word 'baby' is not limited to
infants, you know.  Agreed:  I've spoiled him rotten. 

Did you know that "fuyu" means abundant, more than necessary,
in Chinese..?  Wonderful name for a persimmon tree..! 

We have a rather difficult task to perform in the morning. Jim
would like us to go over the lawn in the back where he was
cutting the grass, because he has evidently dropped a hearing
aid without knowing it.  That's ok, it's only  80 x 125 ft..  It's not
nearly as difficult as it must have been when the lieutenant 
ordered Jim to scrub the mess hall floor with a toothbrush, 
a many years ago..... 

And just how did we get the lawn mower started...?? Easy.
Jim gassed up the mower, and placed it outside in the driveway. 
Then we both kept a vigil for the arrival of the gardeners across
the street, this being a Tuesday. As soon as we heard their 
commotion, we both dropped everything and pushed the mower
up the long driveway, across the street, and waited a moment 
until one of the hispanics caught our eyes. I signalled him over, 
and with my hands pressed in prayer, begged him to pull the
starter cord for us. He did look rather startled, but first he turned 
the power on (smart fellow!) and then he gave a good yank, and
she roared into life!  I spoke a bunch of gracias, and by then all 
the other gardeners wanted to know what what going on -- in 
about 11 words, he told them in Spanish about this here old
man, arm in a cast, old wife begging for help -- and that nut is 
going to cut his own grass....?????  They all broke into laughter
and went back to work.  Obviously, I can understand  more Spanish 
than I can speak.     

In truth, Ron, I am green, purple and cerise with envy at  the
variety of foods which you and Vivian have been harvesting.. 
In part it's a result of that enviable California weather, but
besides that, you obviously have incredible instincts, or else
you read instructions superbly. Definitely, may you live long
and prosper! 

Well, it's 3:15 am and Jimmie just marched into my computer 
room with a plaintive request:  would I mind rewrapping his cast
once more? V-e-r-y softly I said, Jim, boy, why did you take it off
for the 4th time in 4 days...???   Ummn, there were wrinkles in
my skin. Wrinkles..? Yeah, see..? and he points. Mind you, he
is standing there naked as a jay bird (his favorite outfit), and
pointing to a couple of insignificant creases in his skin. Oh-kay,
James, I'll rewrap it. I think that's a wee mite too tight, sez he. Of
course he cannot tell that I am clenching my teeth....     


Penny, NY

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