Re: [gardeners] Ornamental Sweet Potato

penny x stamm (
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 00:41:56 -0400

Marie, we don't plant much in the veggie garden -- mostly because
it had always been Jimmie's department, and  he has not had the
time these last 2 years. This summer we only had our usual 
raspberries, plus a few tomatoes, brocolli, several kinds of onions 
and chives, and about 3 dozen left over gladioli, which are JUST now
coming into bloom, hallelujah! 

Last year we also had green peppers, Chinese bok choy, and 
cucumbers. But the green peppers stayed rather small, the bok
choy was very bitter, and the cucumbers developed an East-coast
virus which made them all look like boomerangs.....  they bent in
the middle and grew upwards, against gravity!  Therefore, we were
not encouraged to plant more this season. 

The annuals, now that's different. They're MY department, and I
have 9 beds of 'em. I prefer having the long season bloom that
I get this way. 

I love winter, but it breaks my heart every year to see the flowers
die down. 

Penny, NY zone 6

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