Re: [gardeners] The Soap Opera

George Shirley (
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 08:22:00 -0600

Michael & Bambi Cantrell wrote:
> I realize that I am, once again way behind in reading my mail,
> but I had to jump in here and shout BRAVO to both Penny
> and George for all of their stories that keep us entertained
> and educated on so many subjects!   Keep up the good work
> both of you.....I know that usually we tend to never let you know
> how much we enjoy your stories and observances, but I really
> do get a lift from it.   Thanks.   :-)
> Bambi
> >George, it's a MOST rewarding thing to be able to  make people
> >laugh and smile -- and I certainly do thank you and all the folks who
> >spoke of this. It's not as if I planned it, you know. I'm quite unaware
> >as my fingers fly over the keys, for I do enjoy sharing my anecdotes.
> >
> >I will remind you now, if I haven't recently, that we all look forward
> >to your daily warm and newsy Letters from Home. It's an ongoing
> >pleasure.
> >
> >Penny, NY
> >
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That's a true observation about letters from home, etc. Miz Anne and I
have been married 39 years come December 26th. Her mother, now past
ninety years of age, has written us a letter every Sunday for all of
those years. She just tells us what she, and Miz Anne's siblings, have
been doing for the past week. As the MIL is still a practicing artist we
hear about the shows she's in, the workshops she's gone too, and how all
the kids, cats, and grandkids are doing. I've always enjoyed those
letters immensely, just wish we had saved them, could do a book for all
the other kids. Oh yeah, when Miz Anne's brothers were in the service
they got carbon copies of the letters so the MIL got all her absent
children in one shot.

I think that what makes Penny's e-letters so good is that she "speaks"
in her own voice. I can see Jimmy shoveling snow with Penny hovering
over his shoulder. Unfortunately, here lately I get this vision of Jimmy
shoveling snow naked. <VBG>

Here in SW Louisiana it is cool, breezy, with the sun breaking through
the clouds periodically. I have some rosemary to put into larger pots so
think I will do them in the greenhouse instead of at my outdoor potting

The chiles are rapidly ripening the fruit that is left on them in an
effort to reseed before they perish. As fast as they turn red I'm
mashing them up and they're going into the hot sauce crock to age. A
good friend only likes them green so he's giving me all of his red ones
for the crock. My lone Lemon Drop chile, a reseed from last year, is
producing lots of bright yellow chiles and they too go in the crock. I
think this years batch is going to be particularly good.

I only hope this cool weather kills or drives off the giant grasshoppers
we've got in the garden. There aren't many of them but just one 3-4 inch
hopper can strip a fruit tree or another plant in no time. Fortunately
they're easy to spot and squish. 

Gotta go, time to go get some insulating materials to insulate all the
outdoor faucets I put in this summer. Not expecting a freeze right away
but, then, you never know.