Re: [gardeners] The Soap Opera

margaret lauterbach (
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 07:33:22 -0700

>Here in SW Louisiana it is cool, breezy, with the sun breaking through
>the clouds periodically. I have some rosemary to put into larger pots so
>think I will do them in the greenhouse instead of at my outdoor potting
>The chiles are rapidly ripening the fruit that is left on them in an
>effort to reseed before they perish. As fast as they turn red I'm
>mashing them up and they're going into the hot sauce crock to age. A
>good friend only likes them green so he's giving me all of his red ones
>for the crock. My lone Lemon Drop chile, a reseed from last year, is
>producing lots of bright yellow chiles and they too go in the crock. I
>think this years batch is going to be particularly good.
>I only hope this cool weather kills or drives off the giant grasshoppers
>we've got in the garden. There aren't many of them but just one 3-4 inch
>hopper can strip a fruit tree or another plant in no time. Fortunately
>they're easy to spot and squish. 
>Gotta go, time to go get some insulating materials to insulate all the
>outdoor faucets I put in this summer. Not expecting a freeze right away
>but, then, you never know.
George, you and/or Miz Anne ought to prune up some of those rosemarys into
Christmas tree shapes. They go for around $50 in this part of the world. I
don't mean to be sacriligious, but I'll bet if you swabbed some of those
giant grasshoppers with some of your hotsauce crock stuff, you'd hear a
grasshopper scream and see one set a world's record for a long jump , clear
to the Caribbean. <VBG> Now that may be something Jimmie would put clothes
on to see. Margaret