Re: [gardeners] The Soap Opera

George Shirley (
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 11:04:17 -0600

margaret lauterbach wrote:
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> >Here in SW Louisiana it is cool, breezy, with the sun breaking through
> >the clouds periodically. I have some rosemary to put into larger pots so
> >think I will do them in the greenhouse instead of at my outdoor potting
> >bench.
> >
> >The chiles are rapidly ripening the fruit that is left on them in an
> >effort to reseed before they perish. As fast as they turn red I'm
> >mashing them up and they're going into the hot sauce crock to age. A
> >good friend only likes them green so he's giving me all of his red ones
> >for the crock. My lone Lemon Drop chile, a reseed from last year, is
> >producing lots of bright yellow chiles and they too go in the crock. I
> >think this years batch is going to be particularly good.
> >
> >I only hope this cool weather kills or drives off the giant grasshoppers
> >we've got in the garden. There aren't many of them but just one 3-4 inch
> >hopper can strip a fruit tree or another plant in no time. Fortunately
> >they're easy to spot and squish.
> >
> >Gotta go, time to go get some insulating materials to insulate all the
> >outdoor faucets I put in this summer. Not expecting a freeze right away
> >but, then, you never know.
> >
> >George
> >
> George, you and/or Miz Anne ought to prune up some of those rosemarys into
> Christmas tree shapes. They go for around $50 in this part of the world. I
> don't mean to be sacriligious, but I'll bet if you swabbed some of those
> giant grasshoppers with some of your hotsauce crock stuff, you'd hear a
> grasshopper scream and see one set a world's record for a long jump , clear
> to the Caribbean. <VBG> Now that may be something Jimmie would put clothes
> on to see. Margaret

That's one of the reasons they're going into 1 gallon pots this time.
Maybe next Xmas I can have half a dozen rosemary trees to sell. There's
a new nursery down the road about a mile and the guy that runs it knows
nothing about herbs. I've already traded him some herbs for a few
perennials we wanted but he told me today that he would like to sit down
with me and get my opinion on what would sell good come spring. He's
indicated a willingness to trade me plants or give me money for the
advice and has also indicated he would be interested in buying healthy
herbs that are adapted to the area if I have any. Stopped by the nursery
on my way to the builders supply and never got to the builders supply
house. Wish they had put that nursery over in the next parish, probably
save me money and effort.

Margaret, these are Cajun grasshoppers, they put hot sauce on everything
but cake before they eat it. <VBG> If they'll eat the leaves off a Thai
Hot chile they'll eat hot sauce. I tried one leaf to see and it was as
hot as the chiles.