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Fri, 5 Nov 1999 06:28:31 EST

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> You might well have a blooming size Monstera (cut leaf philodendron).
>  When ripe, the individual segments taste of pineapple and banana, and
>  are very good.  However, there are some nasty little hairs that you
>  have to be careful of, as they stick in your  tongue.

These things are huge.  I am talking plants that are 6 - 8 ft across with 
leaves that are at least 2 ft across and most larger.  They flower between 
leaf stalks with that Jack in the pulpit on steroids look ;-).   I have never 
seen the hairs you are speaking of.  Course I have never tried to eat one 
either.  Don't think I will start now.

The leaves more resemble the ones under philodendron in the A-Z and do not 
match the M. deliciosa under Monstera, so I guess they are not the same.  
Monstera lists breadfruit as being one of it's names.  Mine more resembles 
the Philodendron bipinnatifidum under which it states "all parts may cause  
severe discomfort if ingested."  
Anne in FL