Re: [gardeners] November in a Los Angeles Garden

Ron Hay (
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 08:02:57 -0800

Thank you, Karen,

I have never sampled the fruit yet, but have always relished the fragrance when
cutting it off when it is overripe. Last year, when the plant fruited, we were in
our house only a short while, and I had no real knowledge of this plant, although
I have seen them all over for years. This time, I shall give it a try, becareful
to avoid all those nasty little hairs.

Thanks again for sharing your experience with me.

Van Nuys, CA
Kay Lancaster wrote:

> On Thu, 4 Nov 1999 wrote:
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> > writes:
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> > > Among the non-edibles, our philodendron, which I believe is called
> > >  "monstera deliciosa," because of its edible fruit, about the size of a
> > >  large banana, is about to bloom. This plant has 4' toothed leaves, and a
> > >  flower which looks like a jack-in-the-pulpit on steroids.
> >
> > Can you tell me more about the edible fruits?  I have 5 of these in my back
> > yard.  They smell peppery when trimmed.  What does the fruit tase like?
> You might well have a blooming size Monstera (cut leaf philodendron).
> When ripe, the individual segments taste of pineapple and banana, and
> are very good.  However, there are some nasty little hairs that you
> have to be careful of, as they stick in your  tongue.
> Kay Lancaster