Re: [gardeners] Re: OT sloth trap for sale?

Bill Loke (
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 08:43:23 -0500

Been there done that! It wasn't too bad altho the striped pussy gave me a
dirty look when he ambled off. I just opened the doors and backed off.
Bill Loke; Kars, Ontario. USDA Z 4B/5A

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    My biggest worry would be catching one of those racing kitties with a
> down it's back.  Don't think I would want to empty that trap at all. LOL
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>  >    Ahem. Anyway, it looks to me like those big doors - even preloaded
by slipping
> in sticks to hold them partway down, are just too slow once gravity takes
over. More
> than looks like: even sitting inside hearing it trip as unexpectedly as
the animal
> does, it seems like an awful lot of brain cycles go by before it actually
slams to.
> >    Anyone had any experience with (any) live traps? Any other tips or
> Thanks in advance.