Re: [gardeners] OT sloth trap for sale? (
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 07:13:35 -0700

>Caught a jillion cats in a Havahart that was 24 inches long by about 8
>or 9 inches square. The industrial plants I worked in couldn't allow the
>cats to stay as they tended to short out the switching gear for the
>electrical power. Had the security guards set them at night and then
>transfer the contents to a large holding cage loaned by county animal
>control. They picked up every two days and we fed the cats in between
>pickups. I think a 36 inch long trap might be a tad big. Try closing one
>end and baiting with half empty tuna cans, use the tuna that's packed in
>oil, some how it seems to attract the cats better. Probably would catch
>lots of possums too. <VBG>
Now I don't know about the cat situation, but George is an authority on
dealing with boar possums. Especially since he learned what possums do
after a shotgun blast misses them but opens a hole in the henhouse roof.
<VBG> Margaret L