[gardeners] Y2K you can actually use!

M J Trahan (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 23:09:54 -0500 (EST)

Got this from a friend, did it to my computer already and they were right about the default setting. Hope it helps,


  This is a great tip for Win95/98 users. 

  Please read and follow the instructions.
  I am just sending this along as a tip to you all.
  I have done it and it works fine. 

  > > > "Since this default date format feeds
  application software, it is worth changing." 

  > > > Click on "START" 

  > > > Click on "SETTING" 

  > > > Click on "CONTROL PANEL" 

  > > > Double click on "REGIONAL SETTINGS" icon 

  > > > Click on the "DATE" tab at the top of the page 

  > > > Where it says, "SHORT DATE SAMPLE", look and
  see if it shows a "two digit" year (yy). This is the
  default setting for Windows 95, Windows 98. 

  > > > This date RIGHT HERE is the date that feeds
  application software and WILL NOT roll over in the
  year 2000. It will roll over to 00. 

  > > > Click on the "SHORT DATE STYLE" pull down menu
  and select the 
  that shows mm/dd/yyyy. (Be sure your selection has
  four "Y"s showing and not two.) 

  Click on "APPLY" and then click on "OK" at the

  > > > Easy enough to fix. However, every single
  installation of Windows worldwide is defaulted to
  fail Y2K rollover. Please feel free to pass this on
  to your associates and friends.
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