Re: [gardeners] Merry Christmas

George Shirley (
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 20:24:10 -0600

M J Trahan wrote:
> Hi! Everything here is going well and just about finally geared up for the holiday season. Been up in Massachusettes since Saturday. It's *cold* up here. Glad I switched from sandals to boots on the plane. Will be here till the 2nd of January.
>  Hope Y2K is just another day in computerworld and a chance for a great celebration for everyone. If it's not we're going to freeze our butts off up here.
>  The garden is doing well (in pots) at a number of friends houses down in North Carolina.
>  I'll be finished school in Louisiana the end of February. Having a great time, but looking forward to getting back home.
>  Will be heading back up to North Carolina/Virginia in March to pick out a small lot and start a new garden. Will probably need to put a small house on it too ;-)
>  I really only need about 400 sq feet of dry living space. What I *really* want is about 1200 sq feet of *greenhouse* space.
>  Biggest hassle will be to find a lot with zoning that will allow something like that. I might be able to get away with a trailer/greenhouse combo, but have no real use/desire for a trailer. Would be much happier with a 10 x 20 storage type shed anchored to the ground for hurricanes.  I could add a composting toilet and water/electric to it and be more than happy.
>  George, if you will be free some day on the weekend in January or early February I would enjoy coming up to see you. I'm about 3 hours away in Morgan City.
>  Will miss all the Canary Island date palms lining the street when I return to Virginia. The climate in Louisiana is *great*! Lots of boganvilla, tropical hibiscus, different palms, banana plants, etc. 'Course I hear it gets a bit warm in summer. <VBG>
> Meryy Christmas, Happy Solstice, Happy Haunaka,
> Matt Trahan
> USDA zone 8, North Carolina/Virginia coast
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As the Cajuns say, "Where I'm gonna go!" Certainly, we're home most
weekends, you've got the phone number, just call before you leave Morgan
City and that will give me time to whip up a gumbo. Right now the
climate in this part of Louisiana is cold and wet, we've got a norther
blowing in on us. My rain gauge had 3 inches in it this afternoon and
it's rained more since then.