[gardeners] Thank you, Robert

Cheryl Van De Grift Edson (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 08:44:42 PST

Dear Robert and other gardeners,

Thank you, Robert.  I felt the same discomfort as you and didn't have the 
courage to speak out.  You set a wonderful example.  I feel it's unconscious 
racism that does the most damage and it's a mistake to let it slide.  Was 
there an assumption that everyone on this list is Caucasian?  That is one of 
the great things about this medium - there are no safe assumptions like that 
and that's good!  We're dealing with letters and words on a screen.  I 
wonder how many other people were offended and didn't speak out?  My 
grandmother never ate a refrigerated egg in her life, and I'd venture many 
of your's didn't either!  We ate mushrooms out of our pasture all the time, 
that's where mushrooms grow!  I don't want to bash anyone.  Aren't cultures 
other than one's own fascinating?  There are certainly tastes and customs 
that are acquired, that doesn't make them bad.

Thanks again, Robert.

Cheryl Van De Grift

(who doesn't participate much in the conversation because I moved to a house 
that's to too much shade to have a vegetable garden, but still love it)
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