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Robert Ripley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 20:25:49 -0500

thank you very much for the kind words :) have a safe & happy christmas
or/and channukah or anything else your family may wish to celebrate:)
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> Dear Robert and other gardeners,
> Thank you, Robert.  I felt the same discomfort as you and didn't have the
> courage to speak out.  You set a wonderful example.  I feel it's
> racism that does the most damage and it's a mistake to let it slide.  Was
> there an assumption that everyone on this list is Caucasian?  That is one
> the great things about this medium - there are no safe assumptions like
> and that's good!  We're dealing with letters and words on a screen.  I
> wonder how many other people were offended and didn't speak out?  My
> grandmother never ate a refrigerated egg in her life, and I'd venture many
> of your's didn't either!  We ate mushrooms out of our pasture all the
> that's where mushrooms grow!  I don't want to bash anyone.  Aren't
> other than one's own fascinating?  There are certainly tastes and customs
> that are acquired, that doesn't make them bad.
> Thanks again, Robert.
> Cheryl Van De Grift
> (who doesn't participate much in the conversation because I moved to a
> that's to too much shade to have a vegetable garden, but still love it)
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