[gardeners] Tree Time

Dorsett (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 24 Dec 1999 12:21:48 -0500

The tree went up last Sunday, and the *whole* *process* was a real mess.

I started out with the big tree stand.  It wobbled.  It bobbed and weaved.
This would not do.  I got out the little tree stand...but it's been twenty
years since we *had* a little tree, and the parts had separated.  I
discovered that trees don't stay up very well without 'O' rings, either.
Finally, I had it in a kind of stasis and it was time for ornaments.  But.
They. Looked. As. Tired. As. I. Felt.  I did find the 'O' ring, though.

I had some fabric poinsettias and little picks...by golly, they looked good,
if sparse.  The local craft shop was selling Chrismas silk flowers at 50%
off.  I bought some sprays in white, silver, and red.  Then the tree started
to fall...Dan held it while I installed the ring.  Then we put the extra
flowers on.  The only other ornaments are the angel that graced our very
first Christmas tree, a lighted church to remember our reason for the
season, a fawn in a twig wreath, and three twin brooms to sweep our troubles
away.  ....and we have a tree.

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