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>>Well, Allen, the last time I had grits was when I was in school in
>>Charleston, SC, in 1941.....  We ate them with butter. 
>>Jimmie has adopted the bag of grits as his own. He makes a
>>bowl at bedtime, and another BEFORE breakfast. However, I 
>>suspect that he thinks it is Cream of Wheat, because he adds
>>raisins, sugar and milk...  From what I've heard, that is heresy! 
>Heresy is that!!!!  The only things you add to grits are butter, 
>cheese (Yummm!!), and sometimes bacon.  Anything else,
>and you'll get flagged at St. Peter's Gate.
What are you going to do, Harry? We buy instant grits, some flavored with
butter, others with bacon and others with cheese. THEN my husband puts milk
on them. What happens to him at St. Peter's Gate? Margaret L