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>>>Well, Allen, the last time I had grits was when I was in school in
>>>Charleston, SC, in 1941.....  We ate them with butter.
>>>Jimmie has adopted the bag of grits as his own. He makes a
>>>bowl at bedtime, and another BEFORE breakfast. However, I
>>>suspect that he thinks it is Cream of Wheat, because he adds
>>>raisins, sugar and milk...  From what I've heard, that is heresy!
>>Heresy is that!!!!  The only things you add to grits are butter,
>>cheese (Yummm!!), and sometimes bacon.  Anything else,
>>and you'll get flagged at St. Peter's Gate.
>What are you going to do, Harry? We buy instant grits, some flavored with
>butter, others with bacon and others with cheese. THEN my husband puts milk
>on them. What happens to him at St. Peter's Gate? Margaret L


Before I answer that question, I need to know - do you *like* him?

'Cause if you do, I can't tell you what will happen, it's too awful.  You
see, St. Pete's Grits is a major chain "up there".

Now, if you *don't* like him, there's a description of what will happen
in a work by a guy named Dante.