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bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 29 Dec 1999 19:56:34 -0600

My goodness ain't nothing wrong with hog slop if'n u's a hog animal.
It's jus when we HU MANE people start trying to make arti. arty... arfy..... shoot!
fake slop at our eating tables by mixin our grits with eberthing and start eat'n it
in front of other folks it gets kind of yucky.
    Just look'n at some of those mixtures brings not so found memories of that
morning ol' Mis Porky hit my legs from behind as she was heading to the trough for
her slop and I jus went sliddin across that hog floor on my knees thinking I was
lucky I landed on my knees until I landed face down in that sour smellin mix of
ground corn mash, slop and ah other not so pleasant hog business stuff.
     Eber since then whens I sees somtin mixed like that my nostrils start flarin and
snorting like a hog trying to get the memory or that smell out of my head. No tank
ya, I'l take mine plane please.

zone 7a
aka " Ranchmama "
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> Ok, what's wrong with hog slop?
> bsk wrote:
> > We had fried eggs, bacon, grits, toast, milk and OJ this morning. NOTHING got
>mixed other than the sugar and butter on the grits and maybe a few pieces of bacon.
>    My word people! If you mix your grits with eggs and whatever else is on the
> > you just ain't slopped enough hogs! Even seen hog slop? Get a plate full of food
> > mix it all together. Now you have a idea at least but you still don't have the
> > educational experience of it all. Just hard to add the sour and pig poop smell
> > the food is fresh like that. Slop a few pigs though and I promise you those
> > will just pop right  into you snoz next time you mix all your food up like that.
> >      On a gardening note maybe some people just like to get the plate all mixed
> > and ready for the composting stomach.