Re: [gardeners] Happy New Year

George Shirley (
Fri, 31 Dec 1999 17:03:57 -0600

Jane Burdekin wrote:
> Happy New Year to you too George, and Miz Anne, and Sleepy Dawg.  I can't
> believe the weather here, I have been out in the yard in a tee shirt today.
>  And to make this garden related, I finished planting the spruce tree seeds
> today and got them watered.  Happy New Year to all.
> Jane (zone 5 Colorado, celebrating the new year waiting for the plumber to
> un clog the main drain)
We can one-up you on that one. Been out almost all day in a tee shirt
and shorts. Got all the leaves mowed up, chopped and between the rows in
the garden, mulched all the fruit trees, berry bushes, and brambles, and
edged the yard. Watered all the stuff in the greenhouse, where the door
has been standing open since early morning. Got a teensy baby Yellow
Pear tomato on the bush in there and the pepper plant is loaded with
peppers and blossoms. Even have two small basil plants growing in a big
pot, early volunteers that came up in the basil patch. It is a truly
magnificent time of year for us. Generally wet and cold it is fairly
warm, for December, and certainly dry.

I got a shiitake mushroom block from the grandkids for Xmas and it is
soaking in a bucket of water now. Tomorrow I set it up in a pan in my
office next to a north facing window. If I'm following the instructions
right I should have mushrooms in 10-14 days. (nervously crosses fingers)
I've never done one of these before.

We sure hope tomorrow is a repeat of today as we have more lemons and
kumquats to harvest and I need to prune a couple of fruit trees.