Re: [gardeners] Hello

George Shirley (
Fri, 07 Jan 2000 07:11:31 -0600

Fred and Melody wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>      My first posting here.  After reading the horror stories about
> neighbors and fireworks and biting dogs, I have decided to stop complaining
> about the little dog barking next door.
>      George and Sherryl, I too am itching to get started with seeds ; in
> fact, I planted a flat of petunias a couple of nights ago.  No greenhouse
> here, either, but I have a lighted stand I built last year which can hold 15
> flats of seedlings, and I'm working on a cold frame that should accommodate
> 12.  I live in Pine Mountain, Georgia, zone 7-8, so it's really still a
> little early to get started, but you know, these petunias are pretty hardy.
> I planted some last summer and they bloomed till frost and the plants have
> remained green through numerous frosts.
> Happy Gardening,
> Fred
Welcome Fred. I live in SW Louisiana, USDA Zone 9b. Once in a great
while our weather acts like Zone 8 but is more often closer to Zone 10.
We usually get about 65 inches of rain a year but this past year we were
running about 16 inches short of that, a "drought" year for us. Our
major crops in the area are soybeans, rice, sugar cane, pine trees, and
cattle. Lots of acreage devoted to tree farms here and sugar cane is
coming back after a long time being gone further south. Our last frost
date is usually February 18th although the old timers say never plant
until St. Patricks Day. 

I like to put out good-sized seedlings so generally start my seeds on
January 15th under lights. Now that we have a greenhouse we will harden
them off in there. 

Again, welcome to gardeners.