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Fred and Melody (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 7 Jan 2000 05:57:46 -0500

Hi everyone,
     My first posting here.  After reading the horror stories about
neighbors and fireworks and biting dogs, I have decided to stop complaining
about the little dog barking next door.
     George and Sherryl, I too am itching to get started with seeds ; in
fact, I planted a flat of petunias a couple of nights ago.  No greenhouse
here, either, but I have a lighted stand I built last year which can hold 15
flats of seedlings, and I'm working on a cold frame that should accommodate
12.  I live in Pine Mountain, Georgia, zone 7-8, so it's really still a
little early to get started, but you know, these petunias are pretty hardy.
I planted some last summer and they bloomed till frost and the plants have
remained green through numerous frosts.

Happy Gardening,


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> Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 17:05:32 -0600
> From: George Shirley <gshirley@laol.net>
> Subject: [gardeners] Thursday
> Didn't do diddly today in the garden. Overcast and early evening dark
> all day, depressing as all get out. The dog doesn't even want to go out.
> Spent most of the day going through the seed saver box in the fridge. I
> wasn't in the fridge, won't fit, got the box out and went through it.
> Made a list of what we needed to order from the catalogs and I'll do
> them tonight or tomorrow.
> Almost time to start the seeds in my office under the lights. Probably
> on the fifteenth of this month they'll go in the pots. Gotta go get some
> more soiless potting mix first though. I'll get them up big enough and
> then start hardening them off in the greenhouse. Got some tree orchid
> seeds I want to start also. Friend gave them to me and says they're very
> tender around here so reckon they'll stay in the greenhouse all year if
> I can get them germinated. The four Brugmansia cuttings she gave me are
> all doing well so I'll split the take with our daughter when warm
> weather arrives.
> What's up with y'all?
> George
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> Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 16:54:15 -0800
> From: Sherryl Fawx <slfawx@ucdavis.edu>
> Subject: Re: [gardeners] Thursday
> No greenhouse here, but oh I am itching to get seeds started.  As usual,
> eyes (or is it my stomach?) are a lot bigger than the available growing
> space ("but honey, we neeeed 12 different kinds of tomatoes" :-)).  And
> I've got a brand-new rack with lights & timer to start the seeds on.  It's
> all set up in the garage, just looks a bit empty with only a few african
> violets & orchids on it.  Last year I had trays all over my workbench.
> Kind of messy, but it worked sort of OK.  I'm really looking forward to
> this season.
> For the most part, winter seems to have passed us by.  No ice or even much
> rain to speak of, lots of flowers are still blooming.  Guess I'd better do
> the winter pruning soon even though the plants certainly aren't dormant!
> even have a few tomato plants still producing.  And I've sure been
> over the lovely descriptions of what you all have been harvesting lately.
> Well, my weekend starts tomorrow, and I intend to spend a good chunk of it
> cutting back penstemon, mini-roses, etc. and planting some more tulip
> (having had their winter-chill in the fridge).
> Sherryl
> Northern California
> USDA zone 9b
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> >What's up with y'all?
> >
> >George
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