[gardeners] In the kitchen on Saturday

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 08 Jan 2000 20:49:04 -0600

Busy day around the house today. I baked a 20 lb turkey, one I got free
at Thanksgiving. After it cooled a bit I deboned it and vacuum sealed
the meat for the freezer. Packages are just right for a meal for Miz
Anne and I or for luncheon meat. The carcass, along with some garni, is
in the big stock pot simmering for soup stock. 

Also put up 6 pints of lemon marmalade using only three of our Ponderosa
lemons. We still have 20 more to go. There are six ice cube trays of
lemon juice in the freezer that will be bagged tomorrow and I think we
have all the lemon zest we will need for a great while. Luckily we've
both had slight colds so we got to drink a lot of hot lemonade and
lemon/mint tea. Hate to waste those lemons but the neighbors don't want

Tomorrow I've got to put up broccoli and chard, it's been so warm the
broccoli is trying to start blooming so I'll cut the heads that are
ready, we'll eat one for Sunday dinner, and the rest will be blanched
and ice shocked and go into vacuum bags for the freezer.

We're still eating radishes and lettuce on a daily basis and today we
added some raw kohlrabi and chard to the lunch salad. Carrots are a
daily staple as we all three (yup, Sleepy likes carrots) like raw
carrots for snacks. We're adding pansies and violas to our salads too.

That's one of the nice things about gardening, not only do you get to
eat what you grow but you give some of it to nice people who will enjoy

Life is good.