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George Shirley (
Sat, 08 Jan 2000 12:20:28 -0600

margaret lauterbach wrote:
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> >Turn the heat off and just protect the plants from extreme cold. Plus by
> >mid-February it heats up enough to open the door, plants are still
> >protected from cold winds and get adequate heat to grow but not enough
> >of either heat or cold to kill them. Different strokes for folks in warm
> >climates.
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> >George, in 70F SW Louisiana
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> I don't think of this place as being windy, but exposing plants to breezes
> is half the hardening-off process here. It's seedlings' version of "sink or
> swim," I guess. Even experienced gardeners here put greenhouse plants out
> in full sun and wonder why they bleach out white. Duhhh. But the breezes
> are tough to cope with. One could shove a wooden shingle into the soil to
> shield them if the wind only blew in one direction. Problem is, it comes
> from the west all day, then in the evening, it shifts to blow from the
> east. I've been thinking on this one for years, off and on. Anything I come
> up with is very labor-intensive. Margaret

Our prevailing wind is out of the South South-East and the greenhouse
door faces north. I get enough breeze blowing through the fan louver and
out the door to get a little wind movement on the plants. Once it warms
up a little more than it is in mid-late-February we go ahead and put
them in the soil to sink or swim. 1998 I put them in the soil on
February 22 and the next night we got a hard freeze. Go figure. Had to
start all over again.