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Milan Mehta (
10 Jan 00 09:35:54 MST

Dear Byron,

Its the same everywhere when New Products are launched immediately looking to
the Popularity wave.Without knowing the basics and the proper technicality,
lot of Manufacturing companies just buy knowhow from any Tom Dick & Harry and
start manufacturing to encash. Others go a step further. They visited India,
impressed Indians with their Company brand name,profile,promises, etc..and
collected whatever information they could for Free !

Then made Neem Products.How can one expect such products to last long in the
market ?

Neem Products have to be carefully selected.

1. Know what is the base

2. If Neem Oil, then what is the type of Neem Oil ? ( There are 5 types of
Neem Oil )

3. What is the concentration of Azadirachtin mentioned on the bottle ?

4. What is the recommended dosage ? Sometimes you need to use more when the
insect/pests are at an advanced stage and less when you use it as an
preventative method.

5. Has the Manufacturer mentioned with what other liquid
pesticides/Fertilisers is it compatible with ?

6. Had you shaken well the contents before using ? Veryimportant here as lot
of surfactants,additives are added.

7. What is the time mentioned for spraying the Neem ?

8. Which parts of the palnts/Trees.etc..are to be sprayed and which not ?

Unless the User is properly educated, it is very natural that the products got
off the shelf within 3 yrs. 




"Byron Bromley" <> wrote:
Some brands of Neem were released for veggies plants for the 1st time this

I have seen too many "new" products pulled off the shelf within the first 3

The jury is still out with this one, in my book,


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