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Bill Loke (
Tue, 11 Jan 2000 12:36:24 -0500

If it's like the mud daubers around here, they will build their own mud
tunnels under the eaves. It may have been a convenient hole. The mud dauber
also deposited an egg with the cabbage looper (which was only comatose) so
that the larvae would have food while growing. We have both the black /
yellow and the blue mud daubers here.
Bill Loke; Kars, Ontario. USDA Z 4B/5A

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Subject: [gardeners] Bee/wasp ??

> I am looking for the name of a bee/wasp wasp I observed this past summer.
> The one I saw placed a young cabbage looper in a 1/4 round hole and then
> filled it with mud.
> I did not mind it's actions, I did mind that the hole was the input to an
> air tool.
> I would like to try to find out if this bee/wasp would use pine boards.? I
> have plent of scapes and would drill a bunch of holes and hang them out.
> Byron