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Allen and Judy Merten (
Wed, 12 Jan 2000 09:27:41 -0600

Hi Byron,
    That method is very similar to what is called the "Aggie Pot Method". It
sure is a good idea, saves water, gets the plant food where it needs to be, and
assists the weeds much less.
    I live out in the country. Have cedar fence posts and garden wire (wire with
4-6 inch squares) to enclose my garden. I slip the cans over the ends of the
posts, slid them down until they rest on the wire. I also string them on some
guy wire that the utility company threw over my back fence when they were
replacing it with new wire. I hang the ends of the guy wire to the top wire of
my fence and let it droop down with the cans threaded on the wire. I use these
methods because of a serious lack of storage building capacity.  I do this where
it is not easily seen from the house. Judy objects to them being any closer.
    Thanks for the tip. It works well with vining plants like melons too.
Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx.
Zone 8

Byron Bromley wrote:

> Allen
> Here is another idea,
> I take a burry a 3 lb can about 3/4 deep near my 'maters, peppers and in the
> middle of my  squash  hills,
> When it's dry I make sure I fill them with water at least 2x every week,
> this gets water down at the roots instead of washing off the top.
> I store mine on some on thin trees I cut down, in my greenhouse.
> A tip maybe you can use
> Byron