[gardeners] Re: Amaryllis & "sweet peas"

Bob Kirk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 12 Jan 2000 20:48:11 -0600 (CST)

> George, have you kept track of how long from seed to blossom? Someone asked
> me a few years ago, and the only source I could find said it was about 7
> years. That seems to be extreme. Thanks, Margaret 
   Right offhand, that sounds like the figure Wayside or White Flower Farm 
was citing for some exotic (yellow? butterfly?) amaryllis a few years ago -
which didn't appear to be the most vigorous plant in the catalog.

> From: ronhay <ronhay@pacbell.net>
> Our "sweet pea" bushes are continuing to bloom. (They are not sweet
> peas, per se, and cannot think of their proper botanical name at the
> moment...sometying like polygarum dalmatiana, or something like that),

   Polygala x dalmaisiana? (reminds me that blue! P. calcarea figured in
one of the many potential breeding programs I've never written down,
figuring I'd remember if I ever took a good look at the genus again). Had   
a white-flowered Australian one of these for a long time, not very big
flowers but lots of them, and it basically bloomed forever in a gallon 
pot. Not in the Sunset WGB at least, but I believe it's pretty common out
there. That name sounds familiar - maybe it was just a white-flowered
form of yours?


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