Re: [gardeners] Daiqueris

penny x stamm (
Wed, 12 Jan 2000 16:56:46 -0500

Wow, Ron -- I've ben embroiled in something of the same mess 
these past 3 weeks!  First I backed up all my Juno files (e-mail server)
and then Juno jumbled hundreds of my downloaded messages into 
a compost pile...   That's the 3rd time they've done it to me, so I am on
the lookout for a different server, either with or without e-mail. We are
currently stuck with Prodigy (which bought out our previous server)
and I do not like the format of the e-mail. Oh, well, in time it will be
settled....   Thank goodness you have it cleared up now!

I have certainly seen photos of ice plants, and I find them very 
attractive -- I thought that they would not be winter hardy here, zone 6.

I wonder what makes them bloom in January --  the shorter day? 

If passion fruit juice  is available in my store freezer, I shall try 
your recipe pronto!  Jimmie and I usually have a lime daiqueri
and a piece of cheese and cracker at 5:00pm, for dinner isn't 
until 7:00 and Jim has a lumberjack's appetite for food... 
Never tried it with light brown sugar -- my, that should change the

Thank you for the speedy reply, Ron.

Penny, NY, wind at 37 mph, temp 30*.  Thank goodness I'm baking..!!

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