Bonnie Plants was Re: [gardeners] Breeze/Cans & transplants

Linda Baranowski-Smith (
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 10:46:17 -0500

>Allen and Judy Merten wrote:
>>     I have to put in a plug for a grower that I have had super success using
>> their plants. Hope George doesn't mind. The grower is Bonnie Plants.
>>They have
>> a website, I have been buying plants from them for the
>> last 2 years, this will be the third. <snip> They also have the plants that
>> are recommended for my area. The big chain nurseries usually have more plants
>> for other areas and a limited amount of recommended varieties.
>>     Allen
>>     Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx.
>>     Zone 8

>Ma Non Cheri, I don't mind me. I only use Bonnie Plants on the times we
>buy seedlings. Same reasons you do, they're healthy when you get them,
>I have a friend, lives somewhere over around Uvalde, Tx, but works here
>fixing elevators. He's putting in 4 very large greenhouses and has set
>up to grow plants for Bonnie. They use independent contractors all
>around the country, give them the greenhouse blueprints, help them find
>financing, and then order plants in advance. <snip>

Hi Guys...

I found this very interesting because Bonnie Plants bought-out Woodcreek
Farms, Cygnet, Ohio, a big operation and one of our local plug suppliers.
We were down there yesterday because the former owner is selling everything
that Bonnie Plants doesn't want and he's also overseeing the Bonnie Plant
greenhouse construction on site.  The framework is up for the greenhouse
range... think there are 40 houses.  This operation is number 35 for Bonnie
Plant and they've just bought another place near Chicago that will be
number 36.  From the conversations we had yesterday, my understanding is
that Bonnie grows annuals for mass merchandisers.  Do they sell to
individuals in your part of the country?

Linda in NW Ohio near Toledo/Lake Erie, USDA Zone 5