Re: [gardeners] Siskyou pink gaura

Martha Brown (
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 11:00:45 -0600

One of my favorite plants.

The flowering stems may get to over 3 feet on mine but they arch
so actual height is probably 24 to 30 inches.  Mine is wider than
it is tall but very airy.   When the stems get really long and
blooms are sparse on them I cut them back individually a few at a
time and they continue to bloom until hard frost.

M Brown
NW Oklahoma, USA
USDA Zone 6b,  Sunset Zone 35

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Subject: [gardeners] Siskyou pink gaura

| Dear friends,
| We are thinking of putting in Siskyou pink gaura in a bed
dividing our
| lawn from our neighbor's to the east. One catalog states that
they grow
| 4' tall; another, that they grow to 18".  The first catalog
| nothing as to their longevity; the second says that the plants
| so profusely, that they need to be replaced every 3-4 years.
| Any ideas?
| Ron
| Van Nuys, CA