[gardeners] Ice plant

ronhay (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 09:22:59 -0800

Good morning, again, Penny, and thanks as ever for your kind note. I
have no idea what makes succulents bloom in mid winter, but a whole raft
are doing so around here: our jade plant is in full cry, as well as some
unknown kind of succulent on the side of our neighbor's house. Our
mammalaria cacti have also had a profusion of flowers.

The reason for their blooming may be a genetic safeguard for
reproduction, since what passes for winter in many desert climates is
the rainy season, a time during which the plants could use energy to
produce flowers and seeds. Our one enchinocactus spits out pink fruit
every time it is watered deeply.

As for ice plants in your ag. zone, I will look again in the Cataloge
from High Country nurseries (they may also have a web site), as I seem
to remember having seen some that will do well in your climate, but
bloom in the warmer months, of course.

A note re: the brown sugar: passion fruit, all by itself, tends to be a
bit on the tart side, so the sugar gave it a little boost.

Wow, I just looked at the clock and see that I really need to scoot.
Have a wonderful day and wrap your mind around thoughts of spring:)