[gardeners] Re: Daiquiris --

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 14 Jan 2000 21:47:27 -0500

>Oh, rats! Jimmie's home just as Penny was about to open her bog bix of
>petards...er, forecrackers...and drop a ball of ice as she sang "Old 
>chaise longue..." 
>Penny, you better give Jimmie a grocery list (and include aspirin) to
>after he finishes shoveling snow today. Pineapple juice and rum sounds 
>even worse than the tea we used once to "unneat" rum. Dontcha hate 
>being out of stuff? You didn't stock up anything for y2k? Oh, except 
>petards...Margaret L
 Margaret, I'm laughing along with you !  Sending Jimmie for some 
tomato juice cocktail some 26 years ago, from which he came home
emptyhanded because there was too much choice ----  taught me
NEVER to send a boy to do a cook's job. No, I didn't stock up anything
for Y2k -- just kept my computer turned off, and later went in and fixed
the date.  Ordinarily I keep everything backed up in the closet, and I do
have both an 11 and a 20 cuft freezer for whatever needs cooling. 
It never would have happened if we both hadn't been so sick...

The petards I store in the garage, obviously. 

Penny, NY

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