[gardeners] Re: Bonnie Plants

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 14 Jan 2000 21:44:41 -0500

George, the BIG problem with the Home Depot and those other
stores carrying Bonnie Plants is that the public destroys everything
it touches. If one can reach into a fresh flat of seedlings, then it's
been worth the trip. 

Being a Master Gardener who instinctively MUST help the public when 
it's flower & shrub buying time, and the folks obviously need some
assistance, I've been known to commandeer an employee at Home
Depot and trot to the ends of the earth (or so it seems) to come up with
some fresh stuff.  Somehow they respond to my requests -- my hubby
says it's my blue eyes, dunno...  I have a feeling they like being spoken
to as if they counted in the sheme of things.

In fact, at Flower Time the young man on the fork lift tells the
"Go ask the lady over there -- she knows her stuff!"  It's enough to make
a devil blush.....

Penny, NY

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