Re: [gardeners] Baking with daiqueries

penny x stamm (
Fri, 14 Jan 2000 21:46:06 -0500

Hi, Ron -- I have never been very close to a passion fruit, so I
don't know what its insides look like. I am currently trying to
find a way to remove the juicy seeds from a pomegranate
without much pulp. Or to state that another way, I would like to
extract the juice from a pomegranate, without much pulp. Any 
ideas, folks?

The closest I ever came to exotic fruit  (this is apple growing
country) was in Peru, with my then 22-y-o daughter, a guide
and a driver. We were up in the mountains -- and take a minute 
to digest this -- it cost us exactly $19 a day for this incredible
journey -- driving beyond civilization up and out to native 
settlements which clung to the steep rocky sides, and along the
way we passed some Sabra bushes -- perhaps Prickly Pear???,
an ovoid dark red fruit with barbs, and a fruity interior which is 
somewhat like mango or peach....  They stopped the car and picked 
some for us, only of course, we had no knives at all.  So rather
than be daunted by this problem, I bit into one before they could
stop me. Ooooooh dear.....  it was a massacre...

Penny, NY 

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