Re: [gardeners] Sunday in the Igloo

George Shirley (
Mon, 17 Jan 2000 08:12:01 -0600

penny x stamm wrote:
> Allen, very much appreciated your description of the family day
> down at Dad's... There aren't many such days we can remember --
> lock this one in your Happy Memory Folder.....
> Right now at midnight it is  -25* outside with the wind-chill, and
> the wind gusting at 40mph is tearing the world apart. It's a
> frightening sound, reminding us that nature is more powerful
> than we could ever be.  I bundled up and went outside in last
> week's wind storm to rescue 7 big garbage pails and drag  them
> inside the garage.  Tonite I simply said no thanks. Let them blow
> to Kingdom Come.
> I did receive one piece of thrilling news tonite..:  The whole Nasa
> Internet program which had been closed down 2 weeks ago will
> now be continued in private hands, and is back on line!
> Penny, NY

And we're enjoying daytime temps in the low to mid seventies here and at
night it hasn't been getting below 40F. I think the furnace ran about 3
minutes around 3 AM this morning, just enough to knock the chill off the
air. Furnace thermostat is set at 68F.

It's starting out to be another beautiful day here but I've got to take
the mower to the shop. Miz Anne tried to mow up a brick bat and the old
thing (mower not Miz Anne) just doesn't work right anymore. Still have a
kitchen sink leak to fix and I want to start my seeds today. Guess which
will get done first!