Re: [gardeners] Re: Bonnie Plants

George Shirley (
Mon, 17 Jan 2000 08:13:44 -0600

penny x stamm wrote:
> Allen, the cuttings which I have been growing under lights have
> grown so amazingly that I am being pushed out of the room --
> did you ever see the Star Trek episode "The Trouble With Tribbles"...???
> I have 4 varieties of coleus with such striking markings that I could
> not bear to take a chance on finding them all over again, next spring.
> I also have my specialty, the hoya carnosa  "Shooting Star" plants.
> There are  3 cuttings of something someone brought in to our meeting
> in December from which I took snips, which have reached 14 inches
> in height. And there must be 2 dozen beautiful bright red begonias --
> now obviously, I don't need to nuture them all winter, for they are easy
> to find each spring, but who could resist when they were sitting there
> waiting for me under the mother plants, no bigger than a half inch high
> and already blooming..?  And of course they bring a fabulous garden
> look to the whole room..  .Oh yes, and there are 2 adorable cuttings
> of my ornamental sweet potato with its long, pointed oxblood leaves..
> As Jimmie suggested, we simply have to get some more lights!
> I worry least our current extremely high winds blow down our power
> lines. We could always escape to another location to keep warm,
> but how could I bring along over a hundred plants...?
> Penny, NY

You could always burn the other parts of the house, a little at a time,
to keep the plants warm. You must learn to set priorities Penny.

George, picking and grinning