Re: [gardeners] Bastrop Gardening and OT stuff

Ron Hay (
Thu, 20 Jan 2000 07:40:04 -0800

Good morning, Allen,

I empathize with your back pain. I certainly hope your new medication
brings you the relief you crave. I will keep you in my prayers.


Allen and Judy Merten wrote:

> Hi All,
>     I managed to plant more onions today. We have 100 1015Ys, 100
> White Granex, 123 Green Bunching Onions, for a total of 323
> onions so far. I'm still trying to locate some Candy onions
> locally. I looked at some in the catalogues, but I'm not paying
> 6.95 per bunch + shipping.
>     The Fire Ant wars of the 21st Century have begun. I think
> it's a stalemate so far.
>     I went to a Pain Management Clinic, Tuesday. I had to go
> through a bunch of "range of motion" tests. They really know
> there business there. They managed to increase my pain X 10. When
> we left, I got a wheel chair ride. Diagnosis is advanced
> degenerative disc disease. Changed Rx to a morphine derivative.
> Doc said it would improve the quality of my life. It's a
> triplicate Rx, very tightly controlled. Not all drug stores will
> carry it. Judy got the Rx filled at the pharmacy at the hospital
> where she works. The pharmacist asked her "what did you do to
> him?" {;-) You wouldn't believe the price! It costs $419.00 for
> 100 of them!! Thank goodness for insurance. The rx cost us
> $20.00.
>     Took the first one tonight. Too soon to tell if it is as good
> as the Doctor says it is. The test will be in the garden tomorrow
> morning.
>     We set a new high temp. of 88 today!! Nother new record.
> Allen
> Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx.
> Zone 8