[gardeners] Re: Jimmy shoveling snow...

Cheryl Van De Grift Edson (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 26 Jan 2000 10:02:25 PST

>>>Meanwhile, Old Jim-Young Jim is outside shoveling. He is having an 
>>>absolute blast!  We could get up to 18" of snow with this storm, but I 
>>>only expect half of that right here....   and Jim will have removed every 
>>>snow flake in sight, even if there is more coming down on his head, as he 
>>>shovels!  Aaah, youth .....

Jimmy sounds like a real abnormality.  My cousin knows all the women within 
a two block radius of his house because, as he says, he's the only male who 
shovels snow, rakes leaves, mows the lawn or any outside work.  All the 
women love him, although I'm sure their husbands think he's just trying to 
make them look bad!  I think he cooks, too~!

Cheryl in Boise - warm here - rain and fog, in the 40 degree fahrenheit 

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