[gardeners] weather/misc

Seana Ames (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 26 Jan 2000 11:24:15 MST

Hey everyone,
Is anyone else out there?
It has finally gotten cold here.  Don't get me wrong, I love to have actual 
seasons, but it has been nice to have a mild fall.  I spent a year in 
Phoenix & it drove me nuts not to have the trees change color & get some 
snow. (Denver is perfect for snow - you get some one day & its gone in a 
week at the most.) I think where you grow up affects you one way or the 
other - you either have this craving to have it that way or you hate it.  I 
grew up in the Northwest fairly close to the coast, so we had some hardwood 
trees to watch the colors change in the fall.  The contrast between the 
evergreens & the many fall colored trees was always gorgeous.  One thing I 
do miss now, that I live in the Denver area is that we mainly have YELLOW 
leaves here with a very few red sumac & the occasional sugar maple someone 
has planted in their yard.  Needless to say, I wasn't too impressed the 
first time I was in the mountains in the fall & saw the famous Aspen trees 
in their fall glory.  I was rather stunned at the time that people actually 
drove up there specifically to see them.  I have grown to appreciate their 
beauty over time.
I think we're finally going to get some more snow.  I have lots of stuff out 
there that is still green & growing.  My Feverfew, Roses, Foxglove, Sage, 
Parsley, Mint, Iris, etc etc are all still green & growing.  I have 
Daffodils coming up all over.  My Pansies are still blooming their little 
hearts out to.  My carpet snapdragons - which were supposed to be annuals - 
are still growing away too.  My Crocus have been up again since. . . 
October.  I hope they are okay for the rest of our winter.  It has taken 
several years but my Mom & I have finally gotten over saying in January " Oh 
No! Look the Daffs are coming up.  I hope their okay "  I guess its normal 
for the Denver area.  I have learned that its, when the tulips come up first 
that there is a problem.  I don't recall having crocus up in October before 
though.  I saw a few other people say they have bulbs coming up to.  Where 
do you guys live?
Has anyone in zone 5 ever had very good luck with lavender?  Some years mine 
is fine & others it all winter kills.  I did read something in the High 
Gardens Catalog about planting them with a gravel collar around them & 
providing plenty of mulch for protection.  Last year I had one survive under 
the edge of one of my decorative grasses after all the leaves & the collar I 
had them in blew away in a windstorm.

When I sit down to the computer I never think I have this much to say.  How 
does this happen?
Seana (looking forward to snowmen this afternoon)

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