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Seana Ames (
Thu, 27 Jan 2000 06:34:50 MST

Hi Penny,
Sounds beautiful up? over? there!!
I would adore having a darkroom too.  We have 3 children living with us & my 
husband's other 2 every other weekend.  Ages 13, 12,& 2 years & then 6 & 10 
on the weekends - (Chandra is my only girl & she caught the gardening bug 
from my Mom & I.  She has already had the garden catalogs out planning the 
vegetable garden.).  Erik never can understand my obsession with recording 
every little event on film.  For the last eight years I've been a 
photographer for Sears Portrait Studio though, so I tell him all the time I 
was a photographer when you married me, why would I change now.  Besides it 
all only happens once.  I've even extended my picture taking obsession to 
the 2 & 3 year old I watch.  It is amazing how many cute things the 3 little 
ones do.
I would love to visit China & see their trees change.  I have always wanted 
to be able to travel.  I'm not sure if I want to risk being taken for a spy 
though.  I understand they do terrible things to spies in that part of the 
world & I am pretty cowardly when it comes to serious on purpose pain.
We are planning a move to the "Country" in a couple years & I intend on 
planting as many different colored trees as possible.
We didn't get a lot of snow, but I imagine we should be able to scrape up 
enough to build a good size snowman.  What part of home schooling do you 
think I could make this?  Math?  Maybe a side trip into weather?  How about 
a lesson in beginning geometry?  We use almost everything we do as part of 
the kids home schooling but I would really like to justify some playing in 
the snow this morning.  Any ideas anyone?  I was up with the 2 year olds 
cough this morn though - so I may have to settle for watching the youngest 
watch from the window.  I may have to get out the playdough recipe for the 
little ones.
Well it is time to make my honey's lunch so I'd better get moving.  This 
seems like a good morning for hotcakes & some hot cocoa & not just here.


Hello, Seana -- we live 4 miles from Long Island Sound,
20 miles north of New York City. Up until computers took over
our lives, about 15 years ago, we had a darkroom which we
worked in every night. Five kids made a lot of pictures..

So it was a natural that every October when the leaves started
turning in New England,  Jimmie and i would hitch up the
travel trailer and head for Vermont and New Hampshire, and
undertake a marathon of picture taking.

One year we changed our direction, and headed west towards
Chicago.  At first we saw incredible rolling hills covered with
polka dot colors which were just like paint-by-number canvases.
Occasionally we would see a royal blue silo on a farm.  But
before we knew it, the view changed. .  As you said, everything
seemed to be yellow, without the reds, oranges and maroons we
were used to!

As I understand it, the hardwood colors are unique to New England,
and to one other area on earth, which just happens to be in China.
It would be fun to organize an autumn leaf sight-seeing tour over
there, wouldn't it..?  Wonder if they would think we were spies...?

Penny, NY

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