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My name is Jean.
I live on the Island of Dominica in the Caribbean.
They say the Zone is 10.
My husband and I came 2 years ago to fill a teaching position at a new
I am a Montessori teacher. The school was not ready to offer Montessori so
we found another business. We bought a piece of land with cabins and started
to rebuild them. It has taken quite a few months, 5, and a lot of hard work
but we have just opened.  Check out our web page at:

Anyway, as you can see we have many tropical gardens and a filled
We grew up in Pennsylvania, moved to Maine for a few years, then off to
Charleston, South Carolina.
We like to garden and Ron enjoys (?) setting up the watering systems.
This zone 10 is particularly new to us. We are throwing all caution to the
wind and planting everything we can get our hands on even though the local
folks tell us that some things won't grow here. My daughter, Tiana, is here
with us for a few months and, therefore, we put her in charge as she is an
experienced, knowageable landscape artist and gardener. We are yet to
discover and uncover ALL of the gifts that the land has given us. Each day
we find something new. More and more vegetables are taking and with the sun
and rain (we are in the Rainforest---14 degrees longitude.) they are growing
like crazy. It is an added benefit to have the vegetables in the greenhouse
and outside for us to figure out which works best. I expect it will take us
a few years to learn all about the vegetation here. We put in some
blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, four different types of grape vines just
to see what will grow here. Next, we would like to try a fig tree and some
olive trees. My husband is a chef so food has been a passion for us. We
serve all the food we gather from "the bush" plantains, bananas, tanya,
dasheen etc. to our guests, family and friends.
Our younger daughter, Juliana, is finishing her last year of collage in
Prague but was here with us over the Christmas vacation.
I have rambled on but want to thank you all for your insights and

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Seana Ames wrote:
> Hi again,
> Just wondering does anyone know how I would check to see how many people
> belong to the list?  Maybe I just missed it in my 1st post but I recall
> seeing a past post where someone said the last time they checked the list
> had 25 or 30 people.  How come I've only seen maybe 6 or 7 people write?
> Are you guys hiding?  Who are you guys?  Where are you & what's happening
> your gardens?  What zone are you in & are you staying warm enough or are
> too warm?   Just give me all the facts!!!
> I'll start.
> My name is Seana (pronounced Sean - a  or for those of you who don't know
> Sean try Shonna.  I get weird variations all the time everything from Se
> to Seena so now you can think of me right.).  I am married to a wonderful
> man & the love of my life - Erik.  Erik is a Glazier & supervises putting
> glass in the high rise buildings down town.  I only work one morning a
> now at Sears Portrait Studio.  I love the job & just can't seem to give it
> up.
> I have 3 children, that we homeschool because we were'nt happy with the
> quality of the education they were getting & 2 stepsons, who visit every
> other weekend.  Ages 13,12,2 & 7 & 10.  Yes, I know we are entering the
> difficult teenage years.  Don't remind me.
> I live in Thornton, CO just about 15 minutes north of Denver.  Zone 5 they
> say.  I live in a mobile home park for now.  Denver has become a prime
> to move & we have had a lot of people from all over move here over the
> 4 - 5 years from places with a much higher cost of living.  It has really
> driven housing & rent costs up.  We decided that we would be better off
> living in a mobile home, that costs the same per month as renting a 1
> bedroom apartment, than renting & getting nothing out of it.  We were
> to get one of the larger lots in the park.  And you know they actually let
> us trade a extra car in as part of our down payment on the mobile home -
> weird huh?  I have room to have flower beds & a small vegetable garden.
> enough room you understand but at least it isn't an apartment.  I suppose
> I'd manage in an apartment though even if I had to have window boxes or
> accost the landscaping in front of the building.
> We have hopes of moving to the country in a couple years, where I can
> branch out.  I love flowers & if they have a nice scent I adore them even
> more.  I enjoy the vegetable garden but my first passion is the flower
>   I have flower%20beds in every conceivable place possible.  If I could
> away with it I would get rid of the lawn entirely & just have little brick
> or stone walkways.  It would take care of mowing now wouldn't it.  After
> that I suppose I'd have to see if the park has any regulations on planting
> the roof of your home.
> We have 2 Italian Greyhounds, 2 nothing cats, and a guinea pig named
> Matillida( it's my daughter, she is a magnet for animals - we would be
> overrun if it weren't for her father cause I never could say no to a
> homeless animal).
> For those of you under the impression that we have large amounts of snow
> the Denver area - that's what the ski resorts want you to think.  Denver
> the perfect climate as far as I'm concerned.  We have seasons here.  It
> snow & about every 4 or 5 years we get a doozy, but for the most part the
> snow comes down & is gone in a week at most.  Having lived all over the
> I can say I have never seen snow quite as slippery or sparkly anywhere
>   It gets good & hot in the summer but it cools off in the evening.  The
> only thing I would improve on is the variety in colors in the fall.
> is nice but add a few other colors for contrast & it is much nicer.
> So tell me about you.  What plans do you have for your yard?  Any
> suggestions on my roof idea?
> Seana(-:
> Thornton, CO
> Zone 5
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