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Fri, 28 Jan 2000 13:56:42 -0700

Hi Seana, 
I guess I have to respond to this post.  I am up in Boulder about 25 minutes
from you probably.  I have lived her almost all my life and have a house
with a lot of garden space.  I worked on a project last year creating a
perennial garden in front of the house with an arch and flagstone walkway.
I will be working on finishing that this summer and combining it with my
neighbor's yard.  I have a small pond with 5 gold fish that has stayed
running this winter due to a  stock tank heater.  I just love it and so do
the fish.  I also have 2 kids, 3 cats, a dog and a hamster.  As far as the
roof gardening, I think it would fry in our heat and closeness to the sun in
the summer. Good luck with that project.  

Boulder (zone 5)

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Hi again,

Just wondering does anyone know how I would check to see how many people 
belong to the list?  Maybe I just missed it in my 1st post but I recall 
seeing a past post where someone said the last time they checked the list we

had 25 or 30 people.  How come I've only seen maybe 6 or 7 people write?  
Are you guys hiding?  Who are you guys?  Where are you & what's happening in

your gardens?  What zone are you in & are you staying warm enough or are you

too warm?   Just give me all the facts!!!

I'll start.
My name is Seana (pronounced Sean - a  or for those of you who don't know 
Sean try Shonna.  I get weird variations all the time everything from Se ana

to Seena so now you can think of me right.).  I am married to a wonderful 
man & the love of my life - Erik.  Erik is a Glazier & supervises putting in

glass in the high rise buildings down town.  I only work one morning a week 
now at Sears Portrait Studio.  I love the job & just can't seem to give it 

I have 3 children, that we homeschool because we were'nt happy with the 
quality of the education they were getting & 2 stepsons, who visit every 
other weekend.  Ages 13,12,2 & 7 & 10.  Yes, I know we are entering the 
difficult teenage years.  Don't remind me.

I live in Thornton, CO just about 15 minutes north of Denver.  Zone 5 they 
say.  I live in a mobile home park for now.  Denver has become a prime place

to move & we have had a lot of people from all over move here over the last 
4 - 5 years from places with a much higher cost of living.  It has really 
driven housing & rent costs up.  We decided that we would be better off 
living in a mobile home, that costs the same per month as renting a 1 
bedroom apartment, than renting & getting nothing out of it.  We were lucky 
to get one of the larger lots in the park.  And you know they actually let 
us trade a extra car in as part of our down payment on the mobile home - 
weird huh?  I have room to have flower beds & a small vegetable garden.  Not

enough room you understand but at least it isn't an apartment.  I suppose 
I'd manage in an apartment though even if I had to have window boxes or 
accost the landscaping in front of the building.

We have hopes of moving to the country in a couple years, where I can really

branch out.  I love flowers & if they have a nice scent I adore them even 
more.  I enjoy the vegetable garden but my first passion is the flower beds.

  I have flower%20beds in every conceivable place possible.  If I could get 
away with it I would get rid of the lawn entirely & just have little brick 
or stone walkways.  It would take care of mowing now wouldn't it.  After 
that I suppose I'd have to see if the park has any regulations on planting 
the roof of your home.

We have 2 Italian Greyhounds, 2 nothing cats, and a guinea pig named 
Matillida( it's my daughter, she is a magnet for animals - we would be 
overrun if it weren't for her father cause I never could say no to a 
homeless animal).

For those of you under the impression that we have large amounts of snow in 
the Denver area - that's what the ski resorts want you to think.  Denver has

the perfect climate as far as I'm concerned.  We have seasons here.  It does

snow & about every 4 or 5 years we get a doozy, but for the most part the 
snow comes down & is gone in a week at most.  Having lived all over the west

I can say I have never seen snow quite as slippery or sparkly anywhere else.

  It gets good & hot in the summer but it cools off in the evening.  The 
only thing I would improve on is the variety in colors in the fall.  Yellow 
is nice but add a few other colors for contrast & it is much nicer.

So tell me about you.  What plans do you have for your yard?  Any 
suggestions on my roof idea?

Thornton, CO
Zone 5
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