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Seana Ames (
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 14:05:43 MST

The last time I visited the Botanic Gardens was with my Grandmother just 
before she passed away.  I have some very special memories there.  I've been 
coveting a membership.  They aren't that expensive, it just seems like when 
I have the money there is always something else that's more important for it 
to go to.  Maybe next year I'll splurge on the symposium.
Your plans sound wonderful.  Sounds like the kind of thing I grew up with & 
am looking forward to in a couple years.
Have you grown moonflower before?  I started some last year inside & 
couldn't manage to get it to live long enough to transplant outside.  What I 
really need is a collasable greenhouse & a place to put it in the spring.


Lucky you to live that close to Denver.  The past few years I
have driven the 600 miles one way to Denver for the Horticulture
Magazine Symposium at the Botanic Garden the first week of
February but due to illness this year I couldn't go.  It will be
Feb 1st and I wish I could go.  The theme this year is "Fitting
in Naturally."  The speakers include Neil Diboll, Lauren Springer
(whom I would make the drive to see if they didn't have the
rest), C. Colston Burrell and Daniel J. Hinkley from Heronswood
Nursery.   The cost is about $100.00 but I have always found it
to be worth it.

We live on 10 acres outside a small town in NW Oklahoma.  I have
2 grown children.  My husband has a Diesel Mechanic shop and I
have a Bookkeeping Office both here on the 10 acres we live on.

I started landscaping in 1996 in the area within the circle drive
around the house that measures about 250X350 feet.  The shop area
covers about 21/2 acres in one corner of the 10 acre site.  My
plans are to gradually expand the landscaped area to cover about
3 acres leaving  almost half in trees and native grass.

At the present we are in the middle of a two year remodeling
project on the house and in the spring will be putting in another
water garden on the west side of the house as the drive
approaches that will be about 10X35 feet in a Japanese influenced
garden area.  We added a 45 ft long 8ft tall trellis last year
ending in an 8X8X12' tall arbor on the south of the house.  I am
planning to plant climbing roses, clematis, Coral and Goldflame
Honeysuckle along with annual Sweetpeas and Moonflower on it to
block the view from the highway this year.

I like your idea of no grass.  In the area around the house I am
installing native flagstone like walks,  lots of beds of shrubs
and perennials and water gardens.  There will be an oval of
cool-season grass about 15X25 feet left for the winter color
since it stays green all winter most years.  My DH says its
because I like to walk barefoot on it in the summer.  I like the
fact I can mow it in 5-10 minutes with a push mower.

I have 4 small patio type seating areas in different parts of the
garden in addition to the 50 foot long porch on the south of the
house.  I have plans for at least one more and another screened
porch for a summer kitchen with the grill and an extra
refrigerator etc.

I am adding a lot of reblooming iris and daylillies in raised
beds along with various annuals for cutting in the "service area"
of the yard.  Most of my vegetables are also in raised beds in
this area.  So far I have 12 raised beds measuring 4X25 feet

M Brown
NW Oklahoma, USA
USDA Zone 6b,  Sunset Zone 35

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