Re: [gardeners] Who's out there?

Seana Ames (
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 14:45:01 MST


You may be right.  We haven't had alot of trouble with wind but some 
weekends seem kind of hectic.  I don't know why!!!
The boys live in Pueblo & so we meet to pick them up on their weekends in 
Monument & have driven to Pueblo a number of times too.  I'm always suprised 
at all of the wildflowers on the way.  Lots of yucca too.
I know your right about the yuppy homes.. they don't build 'em like they 
used to either.  I think I'll settle for an big old farm house if I can find 
one with a nice chunk of land to keep the neighbors at bay.  That way I 
don't have to worry about what I wear either.

Seana, I hope you can get a place in the country soon. 5-7 people in a
mobile home are too many. I grew up in Boulder, so I know your climate and
weather. I know the winds were going about 125 mph past our house, think
they slowed down some by the time they got to Thornton. I think Jane
Burdekin is still on this list; she lives in Boulder now, and was raised
there. After I had lived in other places for a few years I went back and
was surprised at the numbers of blooming yuccas in the countryside between
Boulder and Denver. I think the countryside is shrinking, being taken over
by yuppy homes...Margaret L, who now lives in Boise. Happily.

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