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Martha Brown (
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 15:48:34 -0600

I have sand the consistency of granulated sugar so I use the
raised beds to keep the amendments where they belong.  Rock paths
between eventually.  I have experimented with several types of
watering and have about decided on drip irrigation for
everything.  I am installing a water line with PVC pipe with a
outlet at each bed.  I have used soaker hoses and drip lines with
emitters.  Both have their problems but the emitters seem to last
longer although they have to be checked regularly for stopped up

M Brown
NW Oklahoma, USA
USDA Zone 6b,  Sunset Zone 35

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| >I am adding a lot of reblooming iris and daylillies in raised
| >beds along with various annuals for cutting in the "service
| >of the yard.  Most of my vegetables are also in raised beds in
| >this area.  So far I have 12 raised beds measuring 4X25 feet
| >each.
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| >Martha
| >M Brown
| >NW Oklahoma, USA
| >USDA Zone 6b,  Sunset Zone 35
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| What kind of a watering system do you use for the raised beds,
| Margaret L