Re: [gardeners] Who's out there?

Kathy Kennedy (
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 16:00:27 -0600

Sounds beautiful, Martha!
--Kathy in Missouri
Martha Brown wrote:  Re: Who's out there?

> I started landscaping in 1996 in the area within the circle drive
> around the house that measures about 250X350 feet.  The shop area
> covers about 21/2 acres in one corner of the 10 acre site.  My
> plans are to gradually expand the landscaped area to cover about
> 3 acres leaving  almost half in trees and native grass.
> At the present we are in the middle of a two year remodeling
> project on the house and in the spring will be putting in another
> water garden on the west side of the house as the drive
> approaches that will be about 10X35 feet in a Japanese influenced
> garden area.  We added a 45 ft long 8ft tall trellis last year
> ending in an 8X8X12' tall arbor on the south of the house.  I am
> planning to plant climbing roses, clematis, Coral and Goldflame
> Honeysuckle along with annual Sweetpeas and Moonflower on it to
> block the view from the highway this year.
> I like your idea of no grass.  In the area around the house I am
> installing native flagstone like walks,  lots of beds of shrubs
> and perennials and water gardens.  There will be an oval of
> cool-season grass about 15X25 feet left for the winter color
> since it stays green all winter most years.  My DH says its
> because I like to walk barefoot on it in the summer.  I like the
> fact I can mow it in 5-10 minutes with a push mower.
> I have 4 small patio type seating areas in different parts of the
> garden in addition to the 50 foot long porch on the south of the
> house.  I have plans for at least one more and another screened
> porch for a summer kitchen with the grill and an extra
> refrigerator etc.
> I am adding a lot of reblooming iris and daylillies in raised
> beds along with various annuals for cutting in the "service area"
> of the yard.  Most of my vegetables are also in raised beds in
> this area.  So far I have 12 raised beds measuring 4X25 feet
> each.
> Martha
> M Brown
> NW Oklahoma, USA
> USDA Zone 6b,  Sunset Zone 35