Re: [gardeners] weather/misc

Jill Fyffe (
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 16:09:52 -0500

Hi Penny

Usually our Thanksgiving which is around the same time.  
Sometimes though if Thanksgiving is later and the fall is wet and 
windy, the leaves can almost be gone by then.  

We used to always close the cottage on the Thanksgiving weekend.  
We are older and wiser now.  We do the boats and docks on the 
long weekend in Sept when we are hopeful of warmer weather and it 
isn't hard to get folks in the water.  Still do the final leaf raking, cedar 
wrapping, water draining, etc tour the end of Oct.

I truly have never paid much attention to the dates as I live in the 
middle of it. (Kawartha Highlands) When everything is right we just 
take a drive:))


> Jill,  the target date for the prime colors in New England is
> usually Oct.12th.  When is it in Ontario..?  
> Penny, NY